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19.5 Tires

offer an extended variety of Quality Tires for your 19.5 Dually Wheels, available in size 225, 245 & 265/70R19.5 for your Dually Wheels.
Increase load capacity & tire wear with 12, 14 & 16 PLY commercial tires that will last up to 100K.
Tire and wheel packages are mounted and force match balanced to ensure the best ride quality.

We offer the Best Customer Service and Top Quality Product at affordable price. Customer Service is Top Priority.

Add Tires to Your 19.5 Wheels 

* Note: Tire prices subject to change without notice.

Tire Size Tire Brand Overall
Price Each
  245/70R19.5 16PLY  Ironman I-109 Steer
 33"   $195.00 
  245/70R19.5 14PLY   Ironman I-604 Drive   33"   $212.00 
 245/70R19.5 16PLY  Dynatrac RA200 Steer  33"   $198.00 
 245/70R19.5 16PLY  Dynatrac DT340 Drive  33"   $218.00 
 245/70R19.5 14PLY  Cooper Roadmaster RM170 Steer
 33"  $230.00
 245/70R19.5 14PLY   Cooper Roadmaster RM253 Drive   33"  $246.00
  245/70R19.5 12PLY   Sumitomo ST718 Steer   33"  $208.00
 245/70R19.5 14PLY  Sumitomo ST719 Steer   33"  $225.00
245/70R19.5 14PLY Sumitomo ST918 Drive  33" $234.00
245/70R19.5 16PLY
Toyo M154 Steer   33"  $319.00
245/70R19.5 14PLY
Toyo M920 Drive   33"  $346.00
 245/70R19.5 16PLY   Toyo M608 Drive 
 33"   $369.00 
 245/70R19.5 16PLY  Goodyear Endurance RSA Steer   33"  $362.00
 245/70R19.5 14PLY  Goodyear G622 Drive   33"  $324.00
 245/70R19.5 16PLY  Michelin XZE Steer   33"  $389.00
 245/70R19.5 16PLY  Michelin XDS2 Drive  33" $427.00
Force Match Balancing  Mounting & Balancing   Tires $100.00 Set of 4 or 6 Tires

Tire Size Tire Brand Overall 
Price Each
265/70R19.5 14PLY
Toyo M143 HWY   34"  $361.00
265/70R19.5 14PLY
Toyo M608 Drive   34"  $382.00
Force Match Balancing  Mounting & Balancing   Tires $100.00 Set of 4 or 6 Tires

* Note: For best tire wear we recommend steer HWY tire on front and drive tires on rear.

* Note: Tire prices subject to change without notice.

" Smooth Ride Guarantee "

We have the best equipment available to mount and balance your new wheels and tires, with the Heavy Duty GSP9700 Road Force balancer, we are able to balance any wheel size and bolt pattern. We are able to check tire & wheel run out to ensure smooth ride quality. We also are able to shave tire high spot if needed. New tires are not perfectly round, in some cases if the run out of a tire is over our limit even after force matching, then we will shave the excess of rubber to make it round. We do not shave the complete tire, only the high spot, so the tread depth remain same as factory. This is the only way to ensure good ride quality, see videos below.